So. How’s your bracket looking?

The good thing about the Fifth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge is that the early-round upsets that bury our full brackets don’t always hurt here, because we’re generally going to have at least most of our Final Four picks still in place.

Unless you picked Kansas. Or Villanova. In that case, you’re kind of screwed.

But while there were a fair amount of us who picked the Jayhawks to win it all, we still have a full weekend of basketball before we start amassing points, so you Kansas fans should be ready to break out the preemptive schadenfreude and hope your opponents lose some of their picks as well.

Here’s a quick look at how we’re doing. Remember, we don’t start to tally points here until the tournament is down to its final four teams, but you’ll get a pretty good sense of how you stand at this point:

  • All four in: Uncle Crappy, Mrs. Crappy, Chachi, AJ, Larry, AAA, Ethel, Grandpa and Mr. Burns.
  • Three, including champion, remaining: Doogle, Kim, Doctor Yohe, HP and Burgh Baby.
  • Three remaining, but champ is out: Kayla, Large, Carla, Papuga, My Seester, My Mom and Calipanthergrl.
  • Two left: Gina, Michael and Matlock.
  • Two left, but champ is gone: Anthony, Bobbo and Shadow.
  • Two left, but your champ and your other title game participant is gone: Pantster, CurlGirl Michelle, Jim, Susan, The Jim, CB and Fred.
  • Your champion is the only one left: Juan.
  • One left, but not the champ: Kewyson.
  • And as much as I appreciate DD’s participation, the coin-flip method did not treat him well. He gets the season’s first Bluto — as in: “MISTER Blutarsky. Zero. Point. Zero.”

Not as bad as you might have thought, right? We’ll see how it goes this weekend, yinz guys.


  1. I just need a point – one point – or I may have to completely give up – the shame, humiliation, I may come in behind Juan


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