I have no advice as to what the Stillers should do with their douchebag quarterback. I’m not a Stillers fan; it’s not my place.

But if this were to ever happen? I’d never be a Browns fan again.

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  1. The answer is terrible. He would look terrible in a Browns uniform throwing to Massaquoi and Robiske instead of Ward and Holmes. Not to mention his recent bad behavior.

    How can these guys get into these situations time and time again? Isn’t requirement #1 of membership in the entourage contingent on answering this question from multi-millionaire ball player correctly? “If I’m in a room with a woman/female/underage-college-coed-that-I-intentionally-got-drunk, and you have your ear pressed to the door (to listen for the magic word), and you hear the magic word, (No), are you capable of ripping the door off it’s hinges and dragging my drunk ass out while acknowledging her right to say no?

    Why would these guys pay to have people hang out with them and not watch have one (or more) of them watching their back? Someone should have saved Ben from himself. He obviously is incapable of learning this lesson. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!


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