This will perhaps be the most anti-climatic post in the history of Uncle Crappy, but here we go: The Jim Lokay-Tall Cathy Mariachi Night Tequila Dance.

Background: That morning, Jim — whom you may or may not know is the greatest television traffic guy of all time — and I and a crew of the usual suspects played in the second-annual YinzTeam Flackle Turkey Bowl, which turned out to be an awful lot of tackle and not quite as much flag. That’s OK, but it meant a bunch of us — by which I mostly mean me, far and away the oldest guy on the field — were pretty gimpy for the rest of the day weekend following week.

Which made it all that much more impressive when Lokay and Kiss-FM’s Tall Cathy busted out into a long, improvised dance during mariachi night at Las Velas. Ginny and David were hosting a Make Room for Kids benefit, so a bunch of us showed up in hopes that the margaritas would help ease our pain. But while the rest of us limped around the restaurant, Jim found the strength and energy to do this:

You’ve seen this picture before. That night, I told him I shot video that I wouldn’t post without his permission; I don’t think I asked him about the pic. And since then, I’ve asked. I’ve begged. I’ve pushed and prodded. I even sent him a copy of the clip several months ago, but I never got the word that it was OK to post.

Until last week, when he did a dancing segment on the air. In reaction, I tweeted something about how there was no reason for me to not post the Las Velas clip if he was going to be dancing on television anyway. About 24 hours later, I received a response via Twitter: “Go.”

And so without further ado … here’s the clip:

Yeah. I’m pretty much speechless too.


    1. I don’t think anything’s going to happen with Big Ten expansion until after the 2010 season, but yeah, Rutgers is probably one of the candidates. I’m planning a post about this with a Penn State friend of mine coming up in the next week or so, so we’ll have plenty of time to kick this issue around.


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