Right now, I am not pleased.

UPDATE, at a more reasonable hour Friday morning: After trying to wake up Mrs. Crappy for an hour, I tried stretching out in the Element, but it was a little steamy last night and I didn’t think the neighbors would appreciate the fat, naked sweaty guy sleeping in the Element when they woke up. So I cut a little slit in the screen and unlocked the damn door.

To be fair: This wasn’t entirely the fault of the one who didn’t unlock the screen door before she went to bed. This is also the fault of the one who locked both locks on the back door last weekend, even though he should have remembered that we have a key to just one of those locks.


  1. Last comment was brought to you by Mrs. Crappy, via the home computer — yeah, slit in screen, locks on back door — come get the computer.


  2. In high school, a friend of mine dropped me off after post-prom at 6 a.m. to a locked house. I didn’t think I’d need to bring keys to the prom, so I spent an hour banging on the door with a prom dress over my arm until my mom heard me.


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