See all those dishes on the counter? They should be in the dishwasher underneath the counter. But the dishwasher, a lovely Whirlpool we’ve had for just over a year, has apparently decided that it needs a rest, because it quit running, right in the middle of the rinse cycle.

Since its installation a little more than a year ago, we’ve been very happy to have it. It’s been quiet, and it does its job well. There was a rough patch prior to its installation, but that had more to do with the inability of our friends at Lowe’s to A) order the correct side panel and then B) inform us that the correct side panel had arrived. For, um, nearly six weeks.

But once it was in place just barely over a year ago, it’s been great. Until now.

You may have noticed that I’ve emphasized the length of time we’ve had our wonderful dishwasher; that’s because when the repair guy arrives tomorrow, we’ll be paying to have our just-slightly-older-than-a-year-old dishwasher fixed, because it’s out of fucking warranty.

I love being a homeowner. Seriously, I do. But I am going to be steaming when I write that check tomorrow morning. The only thing that will make me feel better is if our dishwasher is steaming again too.


  1. Ack! That sucks, dude.

    I may be a tad jealous, though. Here at the Money Pit, appliances don’t break, they blow up. The water heater lost it’s bottom and flooded the basement. The dryer began shooting sparks and the lint trap caught on fire. The washing machine walked itself across the room and blew up it’s motor in the process. The stove didn’t blow up, but it cost more to fix that we paid for it, so it sits unusable since a brown-out in September of 08. Good thing the range and refrigerator still work or I’d go COMPLETELY bonkers.


  2. I swear the computers in appliances are set by manufacturers to break just after the warrenty expirers. Good luck.


  3. Up until our dishwasher quit on us, I didn’t think having a dishwasher was that big a deal.

    And then my husband figured out what was wrong and fixed it.

    And I realized that having a dishwasher was a big deal, particularly in terms of TIME.

    Sorry to hear about that warranty thing, though. That blows.

    And @Kelly! holy cats! that’s some serious malfunctioning going on!


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