26. almost-end-of-the-month bullets.

  • WordPress says I’ve put up 25 posts — this would be the 26th — so far in June. The calendar says its June 27. I need a couple days of double posts to make sure I’m sort of NaBloPoMo compliant.
  • I’m still not certain exactly what entails “NaBloPoMo compliance.” I may let you guys decide that on the last day of the month.
  • We have officially begun Grateful Dead week, which culminates with Friday’s Furthur show at the LC Pavilion in Columbus. Bobby, Phil, et al., have been kicking ass so far on their summer tour, which got underway last week. I’m confident that momentum will keep up until Friday night.
  • Y’all know I’m a serious fireworks freak, right? The bonus for Friday’s show — pointed out to me by my friend Hilary at our Blossom Phish show a couple weeks ago — is that the big Columbus fireworks display, called Red White and Boom, will light up probably about halfway through the Furthur show. LC Pavilion is just a short distance north from Downtown, so we should have a pretty good view. I cannot wait.
  • As I’ve mentioned before, next weekend is also my 25th high school reunion. To commemorate this auspicious occasion — and to honor the suggestion of my high-school friend Beth, who suggested we do this on our Faceboook profiles — I have pulled a scan of my senior picture and posted it here, in all its feathery-haired glory.
  • As I’ve also mentioned before, I’m not going to the main event so that I can attend the show with Mrs. Crappy, Juan, HP, Hilary (who was actually two years behind me at UA)  and, I hope, Fred (also not in our high school class, as he is about 27 years older than we are…).
  • I do, however, have a short week so that I can attend the classmates-only happy hour — which turned into several hours five years ago — on Thursday night. Hilarity will undoubtedly ensue.
  • Have I written enough that this counts as an actual post? I really want to complete the NaBloPoMo thing this month.

9 Replies to “26. almost-end-of-the-month bullets.”

  1. That is one terrific photo. Check out that smile, and that feathered hair! I had no idea you were David Cassidy’s stunt double.


  2. Love the idea re Facebook – If I only had more than 2 pictures scanned . . .

    I can’t believe that it the 4th this weekend! Wow how time if flying – especially if you blog every single friggin day

    Sadly, many fireworks have been cancelled where we are going due to funds – they are typically much smaller events than UA – so the girls only associate fireworks with many bug bites rather than totally awesome cool explosions – in a couple of years I’ll take them into NYC for the fireworks – but that will be a young teenage event, not 1st and 3rd grade.

    Say hi to all those who should receive such a nice welcoming –


    1. I actually used a screen cap from the UA library’s online archive. I could grab yours if you like…


  3. love the photo.
    will not comment on the old-man crack.
    i’m sure the show will be fun, but, while i know this makes me even more of an old fogy, i want to spend friday with ethel.


    1. Not personally knowing you (so my age reference may be off) – I’d say you are proudly displaying a noble goal – still booging after all these years – YouTube beware!

      Have a great time


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