At noon on September 18, the Ohio University Bobcats, the football team of my Alma Mater, visits Ohio Stadium in Columbus to play the Ohio State Buckeyes, that, uh, other college football team that seems to monopolize my attention every fall.

This fall’s meeting will be just the third time OU has played Ohio State in my lifetime, and if this year’s game is like the other two, it’ll be tight enough — if only for a little while — to make my fellow Buckeyes a bit uncomfortable. OU is picked to finish in the running for a Mid-American Conference title, and Ohio State will be coming off what promises to be a tough game at home against the Miami Hurricanes.

The OU games have been great — and perhaps a little surreal — tailgating opportunities. There is just one team that will lead me to show up at Ohio Stadium in anything other than scarlet and gray, and that is my Bobcats — and that has always meant some interesting banter between us (me, Mrs. Crappy, Fred and Ethe [depending on whether she’s being true to her school or her employer]) and my folks and the other OSU people.

So what do I expect to see at noon on September 18?

I expect I’ll be eating lunch at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with my friends, colleagues and the other attendees at Podcamp Pittsburgh 5.

My friends, I can offer no higher endorsement of Podcamp than that.


  1. If I may just say…I don’t consider myself true to my employer, but to my hometown of Columbus. As I like to say: I was a Buckeye before I was a Bobcat. Also, this is high praise for the importance of the Podcamp! We will miss you, and Fred will do a fine job of representing for OU, I’m sure.


  2. woa. You’re missing not only an OSU game, but OU playing against them? That is THE biggest endorsement. Ever.


  3. Incredible – truly a ginourmous statement of things to state. Such a statement should not go unstated. I hope the podcamp staters make sure to state the incredible statement of such of a well, statement from such a fan of OU and State.


  4. A pig just flew by my window.
    Hell just froze over.
    A Cleveland professional sports franchise just won a championship.
    Armageddon is upon us.

    What are you thinking? What happened to your priorities?!?

    Oh well, its not your fault. I blame your parents.


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