Thanks to a metric shit-ton of rain — and the subsequent flooding that kept me hopping at work today — I was a little slow in getting around to picking a winner for our pair of tickets to Friday’s Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club Brewfest.

I got around to hitting up a little bit after 1 this afternoon. The number:

The winner? My good friend Abby. When she had a chance to look up from work this evening, it seemed like she was happy to have a little bit of fun on the horizon. I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing she looked a little bit like this when she found out:

And of course, I’m happy to help. I’m also grateful, to AAA for her generosity; she gave me not one but two pairs of tickets to Friday’s event, one that I gave away here and one that I’m trying to give away via the beer blog on my employer’s site.

(I picked the winner for that one today as well. The winner is someone who appears to use Twitter about twice a year; I’ve let her know on Twitter and Facebook, but I’m thinking I may have to make another pick at noon Thursday.)

Thanks to everyone who entered. As I said the other day, Brewfest is absolutely worth the $30 it costs to get in; even though you didn’t win the freebies, I hope to see you there anyway.

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