back in the saddle bullets.

Since the last time:

  • Ohio State finally killed the SEC curse. The rest of the conference? Not so much.
  • With a win against a suddenly hot Penn State team on Saturday, Ohio State’s basketball team will likely take over the No. 1 spot in the polls. That’s not a huge deal in basketball, but it’s still pretty cool.
  • I have worked. A bunch.
  • I have a new blogging home. Don’t worry — I’m not leaving Uncle Crappy behind, but I’m pretty excited about the opportunity. And I’ll tell you about it in a day or two.
  • Because we’re hosting my parents this weekend, and I’m not spending a whole lot of time with the internets. We celebrated Christmas Eve Thursday — crabcakes and filets — Christmas this morning — presents and a pancake breakfast — and Mom’s birthday tonight.
  • Which meant we had dinner at Point Brugge. Two words:  Carbonnade Flamande. Two more words: Holy shit.
  • While we were putzing around Walnut Street this afternoon, Mrs. Crappy snuck in Prantl’s and picked up some birthday dessert — a bunch of little cupcake things that we stuck candles in and served in the place of cake.
  • The candles meant Mom just turned 14.
  • And then we thumped Mom and Dad playing Trivial Pursuit.
  • OK, maybe “thumped” isn’t the right word, but we’re on a two-game win streak here.
  • Miles is not happy about having visitors.
  • I’m waiting on the Grandhog to send me the proclamation so we can get this Groundhog thing rolling.
  • Keeping up with my folks is hard. I think I am going to bed.