Pho, the breakfast of champions. Thanks to Mrs. Crappy reading me an excerpt from Anthony Bourdain's new book, I was hungry for pho as soon as I woke up Friday morning. Rather than going back to Vietnam's Pho, I wanted to try the new place on the other end of the strip -- Pho Van. It was delicious, but I think I'll need a couple more tastings before I can decide which is better.

I kind of want to do this to my Element.

The Tenth Street Bypass isn't supposed to look like this. But the weather didn't keep me from doing anything I wanted to to today.

A couple weeks ago, Mrs. Crappy fulfilled a Christmas present to me by taking me to a homebrewing demonstration/class at this place, the Porterhouse Brew Shop in Portersville. Her motivation? To get me to finally use the brewing gear I bought from Lady D's husband like two years ago. It worked; I went back today to pick up an IPA kit, some cleaning supplies and a couple doodads I'll need to make the process a little easier. Brew Day is a week from tomorrow.

Seeing as how I won't have beer of my own to drink for a few weeks, I stopped at the distributor on my way home, and found this -- a case of 21st Amendment's Bitter American. I hadn't tried it before, and I'm happy I bought the case; crisp hops up front, a sweet caramel kick after that and all in a session beer. Delicious.

That was a good day, boys and girls.

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  1. Sickpuppy and I have gone to Porter House a few times. really nice place and they sell Brew Your Own Sake kits :)

    If you have any questions puppy is a quick text away! I’m anxious to see how it goes for you. pup got me a kit as a housewarming gift but I cant brew until I make a dent in the basement.

    P.S. You suck for getting Pho!


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