I had the pleasure of spending Birthday Eve at Bocktown Monaca with Chris and John. We hadn’t really set out to do a birthday kind of anything; rather, we had tried to find an occasion to open this:

That’s a 2009 Dark Lord from Three Floyds. Chris mentioned offhand a while back that she had a b0ttle and said she’d be happy to share it with me when the time was right. There have been a couple chance when we could have cracked it, but in the end, we came up with this — at some point after the B2 hoopla had calmed a bit, it would be a nice way to mark the occasion. The fact that that moment came the night before my birthday was a nice bonus.

Chris bought dinner. The appetizers — mussels with andouille on one hand, grilled scallops with a kiwi salsa on the other — were delicious. The Bocktown burger was sloppy and spectacular — just as I like it.

But the beer — and the fact that we shared not only the Dark Lord but also a bottle of Three Floyds’ Arctic Panzer Wolf and a beautiful home-brewed saison — made the night. I am so grateful to have friends who would not just think of me when they come across a special bottle but also wait nearly two full years to open it up.

I say this a lot: I have the best friends anyone could have. I can’t imagine what my life would be without them.

Or without you.

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