Couch to 5K tricked me in Sunday. It won’t get away with that again.

I was expecting a series of five-minute runs, as had been the case the previous day. The first run felt long, but I didn’t look at the clock; that always feels like cheating to me. But when the nice British lady told me I was halfway done with the workout, I had to check.

It hadn’t been five minutes. It was eight.

I know, I know. Running for eight minutes isn’t a huge deal, but it was a surprise, especially in the sense that I finished it with no trouble. And the second eIght-minute run? I was actually disappointed when the nice British lady told me to stop.

I was really excited, and told my caching staff about what happened right away. And as I was taking, I looked ahead to the next workout.

I beat C25K on Sunday morning, but it may get its revenge on me on Tuesday. That’s when the nice British lady thinks I’m going to run for 20 minutes straight.


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