Hi. Remember me? I’m the guy who used to write here, instead of just trying to pass off videos as actual posts.

I’m going to try to change that this month. We’ll be doing some time-warping — meaning I’ll be writing about some stuff I should have written about weeks ago — but we’re going to shoot for a lot more actual content in March.

So: Food? Yep. Some music? Of course. Griping about the lack of winter? Oh, yes. Running? That too.

The Seventh Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought to you By Bocktown)? Wouldn’t miss it.

There you go. That’s the goal for March. Posts. With actual writing.

And maybe a video or two.


  1. Whatever the seating – I’ve watched too (2 actually) games in which the Bucks played lack luster and lost to key teams AT HOME! –

    Don’t be surprized if this year I approach the brackets without an assumption that the Bucks will be in the Final 4 – My favorite underdog team right now is the Yackima State Whiskeydogs!! It was mush mush mush all the way, but the serum had to get through. Don’t get me started on the ‘and fall turned into spring and there was much happiness’ or I may just have to eat my minstrels


    1. I’m with you. When Matta has the team’s full attention, they’re as good as anyone in the country, but they’ve been way to inconsistent for me to seriously think about them as a contender.

      And Yakima’s had a kickass year, too.


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