ImageI’ve managed to write about college basketball for a couple days straight without actually mentioning basketball, and given the success of the two teams I really care about (not to mention the success of Mrs. Crappy’s favorite hoopsters), it’s probably about time I change that.

I also have a prediction. Pay attention, boys and girls.

* Ohio State. My Buckeyes were up and down this year, something I attribute to youth and not a ton of depth on the bench. When they’re paying attention — see Duke and second Michigan State games — they are frighteningly good; if they’re not — see first Indiana and Michigan State games — they can look pretty pedestrian. Their NCAA outlook is much the same. If they’re playing well, they’re capable of winning the whole thing, but if they have one of the lapses they’ve had all year, a team like Florida State could make them look awfully bad.

* North Carolina. I’m always happy this time of year that I’ve chosen to be a Tar Heel, in gratitude and support of Mrs. Crappy, who’s adopted the football Buckeyes as her own. UNC fandom seems to work pretty well in March, and that could work out again in 2012. I haven’t filled out any brackets yet, but don’t be surprised if Carolina is my final four team coming out of the Midwest. And (POTENTIAL FORESHADOWING  ALERT), how cool would it be to have a Carolina-Kentucky game in the final?

* OU. For the second time in three years, my Bobcats won the MAC tournament and will play in the big show. And for the second time in three years, they’ll face a hefty test in the first round, this time against … Michigan. If we go back to 2010, you’ll recall that OU had to play Georgetown in the first round, a game they had no business winning. You’ll also recall that I bet my friend Robyn, a two-time Georgetown grad, beers and T-shirts on the game (I was thinking of going double or nothing on an Ohio State-Georgetown matchup a couple rounds later, to be honest). And you’ll also recall — I’m sure Robyn would, anyway — that my Bobcats dusted Georgetown in one of that year’s biggest upsets. As I said before, I haven’t started filling out brackets yet, BUT YOU SHOULD WRITE THIS ONE DOWN: OU will beat Michigan on Friday night. Take it to the bank.


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