I’m mostly recovered from Ohio State’s stunning second-half collapse against Kansas last night — as well as our trip to Florida via Chicago — that I think I can string together a reasonably coherent progress report on the Seventh Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Bocktown).

Or maybe not. Hey, let’s find out!

When we last visited SVAUCNFFC (BTYBB), I mentioned that if Grandpa’s picks — Ohio State beating Kentucky in the title game — held up, he would be untouchable. As we know now, his picks didn’t hold up, and he had been, uh, touched. He finishes with a very respectable total of 10 points, but can go no further.

And that’s good news for Casey, Otimemore and Barb; they all have 12 points in the bag and the possibility of winning six more if Kentucky beats Kansas Monday night. And if that’s the case, we will resort to using the tiebreaker for the first time in AUCNFFC history.

If Kansas wins on Monday? Seriously, I have no idea. Plus, I’m on vacation and I’ve had about 37 dopplebocks since we arrived at my sister’s house, so the math I’ve done to this point is pretty goddamned impressive and I’m not doing any more.

I have tiebreakers (predicted score of the title game) from Otime and Barb. However: CASEY: I MUST HAVE A TIE-BREAKER FROM YOU BY THE TIME THE GAME STARTS MONDAY NIGHT, OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

My plan is to not to get quite as hammered Monday night, so we can figure out a winner a short time after the championship game is done. But then, the beer down here is cheap and plentiful … and y’all may be waiting until Tuesday. Ahem.