If I have to swallow some down time, I’m sure as hell going to enjoy it.*

OK, I’m not going overboard — much — but I am going to try to worry slightly less about stuff until I’m ready to test the groin again.

(I’m also apparently going to enjoy writing about my groin. Groin. Groin. Groin. Who thought up that one?)

It wasn’t a conscious decision, but I sort of started last week, when I did my best to keep up with the first-ever Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. That deserves a post of its own (or maybe two posts, one here and one on the work beer blog), but suffice to say: That was fun.

I also had a pretty good start this week. I made my favorite Groundhog/tailgating breakfast casserole for a little thing at Kim’s house on Saturday. And last night, I made this:

There’s a little back story here. I found this recipe on Pinterest months ago, when I was in the mood for A) pasta and B) something a little spicy. Naturally, I modified the original a little bit (subtract cilantro, add a couple cloves of minced garlic) and was pleased enough with the results that I re-pinned the recipe.

And then? Nothing happened.

And then? Holy crap.

About two months ago, someone — someone who has many, many more Pinterest followers than I do — re-pinned the recipe from my post. My modified recipe started getting some attention, enough that I used that as an opportunity to finally write about Pinterest in my tech column at work.

After a brief lull, the re-pinning has continued. You can trust me when I say it’s good, or you can believe the 878 people who have re-pinned it or the 144 people who have liked it as of Tuesday night.

I can’t speak for the experiences of more than 1,000 people, but I can tell you the recipe is simple, quick and freaking delicious.

And, in fitting with the fat guy theme of the week, totally appropriate.

*I love the eating and drinking, but the not running thing is an irritation, to be honest.