Until a few days ago, I was a bit ambivalent about the annual Jumping In The Mon On New Year’s Day ritual, but as the day approaches, I’m swinging back towards really wanting to carry on the tradition.

And so I need your help.

Mrs. Crappy has to work on New Year’s Day, and won’t be able to join me on the Mon Wharf. And she made a rule, probably a reasonable one for my 46-year-0ld self: I’m no allowed to jump in the river unless there are enough friends around to pull me out.

I posted a kind of tentative thing on Facebook a couple of days, and got no commitments from any of our past Yinz Team swimmers. I did get a yes from a colleague, but she had had a couple beers at that point and it’s possible she may reconsider.

So my question is this: Who’s in? I want to go again, for several reasons, but I can’t put it any better than Sorg did a year or two ago: Once you do this, the rest of the year is easy.

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