Leave it to Podcamp.

My involvement in Podcamp Pittsburgh 8 was a bit limited — no volunteering, attending one session and sitting on a panel of another before I had to take off. But it was enough to send me back here for the first time since June.

it was in my buddy Mike’s session on SEO (which, sadly, wasn’t Mike talking about his time in Athens; that might not make for a good Podcamp session, but it would be entertaining as hell) where I got my annual Podcamp Kick In The Ass. Munz does that stuff for a living, and he wasn’t so much talking about personal web spaces when he was cajoling the group about posting fresh content.

But the context didn’t really matter. He asked us, “Can you manage two new posts a week?”

“Yes. Of course I can,” I thought.

And this, boys and girls, counts as No. 1.


  1. I have lots of ideas. I need more time. Or more someone else doing the stuff that isn’t writing for me.

    Was there a session on that I can watch?

    (Great to finally meet you!)


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