Free food. It’s a journalism tradition.

All summer long, stuff from the gardens of colleagues shows up at work. There are likely to be doughnuts on random mornings, just because someone was hungry for them. Fresh-baked cookies? Sure. Leftover stunt food that is to illustrate a cooking story or restaurant review? Yep. And there will be free pizza in the newsroom Tuesday night, for those, like me, who are working election night.

But outside of that special duty, this is generally one of the best weeks of the year, in my office and maybe in yours.


Because that’s when people bring in their leftover Halloween candy.

Assorted mini Hershey bars. Reese’s Cups. Oh, man — Butterfingers. They’re pretty much everywhere, all week long.

And for the guy who just found out he has diabetes? You smile. And eat another carrot stick.


  1. keep a positive outlook on it all – I will read daily and also comment – small but my contribution to your month


  2. The Reese’s people are evil geniuses. And the super sad part is I never actually feel like Halloween candies are anything special, even after (especially after?) I’ve eaten half a bowl of them. Now I wait for the stuff I really dig (OMG real German Haribo is worth the two week delivery wait and extra shipping cost).


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