The one glaring omission on this lovely March 2018 calendar: Noon on Thursday, March 15.

What’s up at Noon on Thursday, March 15? That’s your deadline to submit an entry for TPFAUCNFFC (BTYBPP) — Twelve-point-five-th Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Piper’s Pub*).

A full rundown of the rules is here, but it’s basically just this: Tell me your Final Four, your championship game participants and the team that will take the title, along with a score for the championship game. It’s free to enter, and the winner gets a $50 gift card at Piper’s Pub. As as I type this, I have exactly three entries … so the odds of you winning look pretty good at the moment.

So, here’s what that calendar should actually look like:

March-2018-Calendar-Green edit

Get your entries in soon, boys and girls.

*Note the name change. Everyone say, “Thank you, Mindy.”


  1. Arizona (Wildcats) v. UNC (Tar Heels – Rameses)
    Villanova (Wildcats) v. Doooke (Blue Devils)

    Animals with horns always beat feline opponents.

    UNC v. Doooke; with UNC repeating, because that’s the way it should be down here in Carolina (as a neighbor told me, he’s lived his whole live in NC, except for the 3 years he went to Duke Law).

    Total score – 151 – bc that is a very flammable rum


    1. In honor of 3/14; I also computed an irrational pick, using the first 36 digits of Pi.

      Georgia State v. Houston
      St. Bonaventure v. TCU

      Houston v. St. Bonaventure, with Houseton winning.

      Score: 88

      If this doesn’t Blutarsky, I’d be shocked


  2. Final Four: Virginia vs Michigan; Villanova vs Kansas

    Championship game: Virginia vs Kansas

    Champion: Kansas 77-68

    Thank you so much for bringing this back!!!!


  3. Final Four: Arizona vs. Xavier, Villanova vs. Kansas
    Championship: Arizona and Villanova
    Champion: Villanova 72-69


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