After watching Texas Tech absolutely lock down Michigan State in Saturday’s semifinal, Sports Chump — if he had been following the possible outcomes of the Thirteenth Practically Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge (Brought To You By Piper’s Pub) — was probably sweating.

Mr. Chump picked a high score in the final, so if it came down to the tiebreaker, his pick was looking a little rough.

The Chump and Scooter From The Land of  Suburban Shooting Guards both finished with six points, on the strength of UVA making it to the title game. Scooter’s tiebreaker total was 136 points — a feasible guess as it turned out, given Tech’s defensive strength. Chump’s tiebreaker total was 164 points, which, as previously mentioned, would require more offense than Tech generally allows.

And here’s the interesting thing. At the end of regulation, the score was tied at 68 — or a combined total of 136 points.

Scooter? I’m sorry. You were so close.

But the 26 points scored in overtime gave this year’s TPAUCNFFC (BTYBPP) title to Sports Chump. I know Mr. Chump is named Chris, and that he lives in the Tampa, Florida, area — Jackets in seven, by the way — but we’ve never met in person. Mr. Chump, the choice is yours — if you’re going to be in Pittsburgh anytime soon, I’ll be happy to offer you tips on spending $50 at Piper’s Pub; if you have a local pub or brewery where fifty bucks might come in handy, I can PayPal you or send you a check — if that’s the case,
email me the pertinent details.

I wasn’t going to do AUCNFFC this year. But once again, it made the tournament more fun than it would be if I were just watching my office brackets go down in flames. Will I do it again next year? Uh. Maybe?

(Will I post anything on Uncle Crappy between now and then? C’mon, guys — let’s not get too crazy here.)

Regardless of what happens here in March 2020, I appreciate your participation, your support, and your lousy basketball picks — I mean, I almost won this thing myself.

Thanks, yinz.


  1. What can you do? Five points were scored in the first five minutes. Never expected 26 points in OT, as I watched my championship dreams crumble in a five-minute fury of free throws.

    Anyway, thanks Uncle Crappy for organizing this challenge.

    P.S. F Bowtie-wearing billionaires!!!


  2. Congrats Mr. Chump! And big thanks to Uncle Crappy and Piper’s Pub for continuing this fun tradition!


  3. I’d like to thank the academy and thanks, as always, UC, for putting on a fun tourney challenge.

    Unfortunately, I will not be in the Pittsburgh area any time soon as I’m afraid of what Yaseil Puig might do to me.

    I will, however, gladly spend the 50 bones on cold beers at my local Irish pub while watching the Lightning do what they should do to your Jackets, which is not lose in seven.

    I’ll email you with the PayPal deets.


  4. I stand corrected. Your Jackets are making the Lightning look, well, like what everyone thought they would look like.


    I sent you an e-mail with the particulars. Did you receive?


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