It’s a little like the Pittsburgh version of being slashdotted — when you show up on The Burgh Blog, you can expect a busy day.

Despite the fact that I am pretty clearly the gleeful Browns fan PittGirl was ready to soak with beer, she quoted my initial Steely McBeam post first thing Thursday morning. And Uncle Crappy proceeded to have his biggest day ever. I’ve explained before that this is definitely a relative thing — on a typical day PittGirl gets more comments than I get hits — but still. Pretty cool.

And the coolness continued when someone posted a link here from the Browns board at the Plain Dealer’s web page. The hits just kept on coming.

It’s a little bewildering, getting that much attention in a single day. And I kept wondering if I should try to get something — anything — else posted to try to keep that momentum going. But I wasn’t sure that I could do anything else with The Big Yellow Freak that wouldn’t just seem redundant, and and as it turned out, I got pretty busy at work, and pretty tired when I got home, so I opted to sit back and bask in the temporary glory instead.

And now, things appear to be back to normal. And I can start writing about Ohio State football without any extraneous Pittsburghers wondering what they’ve stumbled onto.




This is not good.

I supposed it could have been worse than putting the guy who should be the Browns staring running back on the cover of SI this week. They could have:

1) Run a giant picture of LeCharles Bentley’s knee.

2) Featured a portrait of Brady Quinn and Tom Condon, his agent.

3) Or just published a photo of Cleveland Browns Stadium, which would have guaranteed that the entire freaking building would sink into Lake Erie minutes before the opening kickoff against the Stillers Sept. 9.

Jesus. The cover? C’mon guys … at least give us a shot to make it past training camp before the disasters begin.


OK. I may regret this later, but I’ve made a decision about the future of Uncle Crappy. When I upgraded a while back, I added “Hopeless Cleveland Sports” as one of the “filed” categories. As you’re all aware, I have plenty of reasons to view my North Coast teams with a jaded eye, but I think — I hope, anyway — that trend could be coming to an end.

Look: The Indians are in first place. The Cavs are rolling through the first round of the NBA playoffs. And the Browns haven’t fucked up their picks on the first day of the NFL draft, even trading to add a cornerback in the second round.

I’m actually hopeful.

So. I’m retiring the “Hopeless Cleveland Sports” tag, and replacing it with sport-specific tags instead.

Let’s just hope it stays that way.


A side note. The Bengals and Stillers have been picking Michigan players like they’re going out of style. Which makes it even easier to hate them. Whoo!


A trade, and we get Brady Quinn. That ain’t a bad first round, boys and girls.


Joe Thomas? Good. That pick says to me there’s a commitment to actual improvement, instead of panic leading to a knee-jerk selection. Enjoy your fishing trip, Joe, and we’ll see you in Cleveland this summer.