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best weekend ever.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Friday: After a semi-productive day off, I drove into town to see Helvetica, a documentary film about the typeface of the same name. Yes. A movie about a font. Expect that it’s actually a movie about a small piece of modern design, the widespread acceptance of Helvetica and the almost violent reactions that some have to its use. Beautifully shot, very funny, exceptional soundtrack (I’d never heard of El Ten Eleven prior to Friday night, I downloaded two of their CDs when I got home). Its Pittsburgh run is over — The Wife got shut out of its last screening Sunday afternoon because it sold out — but those with any interest in design, especially those with any interest in design who happen to live in Cleveland and go by the initials HP, should absolutely make an effort to see it at the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Cinematheque on Oct. 6.
  • On Saturday we got up fairly early and headed to Construction Junction for their first shot at a beer festival. Lemme tell you, boys and girls — Construction Junction nailed it on the first try. The Steel City Big Pour had a exceptional lineup of breweries, great food, interesting art projects on the side, live music, a big-enough space as to not be too crowded … I’m raving, yes, but not exaggerating. In the newspaper biz you’re always a little skeptical of anyone who claims to be organizing the First Annual anything, because the Second Annual whatever often fails to materialize. But I begged anyone wearing a staff shirt at Saturday’s first session to bring it back next year, and heard over and over and over that that was to be the plan.
  • While at the Big Pour, I traded interviews with Father Spoon and sickpuppy of the Should I Drink That podcast. I met them at Podcamp, and thought the festival would be a good chance — and hopefully the first of several chances — to collaborate. I had a blast talking to those guys, and my stuff will be ready for the October beer column (I’ll set you up with a link when it’s ready), and I guess my contribution to their show will be up in an episode or two.
  • Took in the Washington game while at the Sharp Edge. Good stuff. I wasn’t worried about the slow start, and the overall offensive performance was more than enough to ease my worries about that side of the ball. Defense, gave up some bigger numbers, but then we weren’t playing MAC or I-AA schools — they continue to look solid to outstanding.
  • After a trip through Brighton Heights to check out a couple of houses and a stop at Three Sons to buy some beer that neither of us were interested in once we got home, we got home. And then we slept. In an apartment filled with blissfully cool autumn air. Nice.
  • And then there was the Browns. The Wife and drove back down into town to stop at a couple of open houses Sunday afternoon, and I was grudgingly listening to the Browns on the radio. The game was almost to halftime when we really started looking — check out this place — and while I was happy the score was close, I still wasn’t expecting much. So when I got back in the car to head to work, I was amazed to find that the total score was close to 80 and the Browns were winning. I got to work in time to see Leigh Bodden’s spectacular interception at the end of the game, and just stood there, in front of the newsroom televisions, with my mouth hanging open.
  • How can you not love Chad Johnson jumping into the Dog Pound?
  • I only wish I had found a bookie and taken the over. Because I would have cleaned up.


It’s a little like the Pittsburgh version of being slashdotted — when you show up on The Burgh Blog, you can expect a busy day.

Despite the fact that I am pretty clearly the gleeful Browns fan PittGirl was ready to soak with beer, she quoted my initial Steely McBeam post first thing Thursday morning. And Uncle Crappy proceeded to have his biggest day ever. I’ve explained before that this is definitely a relative thing — on a typical day PittGirl gets more comments than I get hits — but still. Pretty cool.

And the coolness continued when someone posted a link here from the Browns board at the Plain Dealer’s web page. The hits just kept on coming.

It’s a little bewildering, getting that much attention in a single day. And I kept wondering if I should try to get something — anything — else posted to try to keep that momentum going. But I wasn’t sure that I could do anything else with The Big Yellow Freak that wouldn’t just seem redundant, and and as it turned out, I got pretty busy at work, and pretty tired when I got home, so I opted to sit back and bask in the temporary glory instead.

And now, things appear to be back to normal. And I can start writing about Ohio State football without any extraneous Pittsburghers wondering what they’ve stumbled onto.



This is not good.

I supposed it could have been worse than putting the guy who should be the Browns staring running back on the cover of SI this week. They could have:

1) Run a giant picture of LeCharles Bentley’s knee.

2) Featured a portrait of Brady Quinn and Tom Condon, his agent.

3) Or just published a photo of Cleveland Browns Stadium, which would have guaranteed that the entire freaking building would sink into Lake Erie minutes before the opening kickoff against the Stillers Sept. 9.

Jesus. The cover? C’mon guys … at least give us a shot to make it past training camp before the disasters begin.


OK. I may regret this later, but I’ve made a decision about the future of Uncle Crappy. When I upgraded a while back, I added “Hopeless Cleveland Sports” as one of the “filed” categories. As you’re all aware, I have plenty of reasons to view my North Coast teams with a jaded eye, but I think — I hope, anyway — that trend could be coming to an end.

Look: The Indians are in first place. The Cavs are rolling through the first round of the NBA playoffs. And the Browns haven’t fucked up their picks on the first day of the NFL draft, even trading to add a cornerback in the second round.

I’m actually hopeful.

So. I’m retiring the “Hopeless Cleveland Sports” tag, and replacing it with sport-specific tags instead.

Let’s just hope it stays that way.


A side note. The Bengals and Stillers have been picking Michigan players like they’re going out of style. Which makes it even easier to hate them. Whoo!


A trade, and we get Brady Quinn. That ain’t a bad first round, boys and girls.


Joe Thomas? Good. That pick says to me there’s a commitment to actual improvement, instead of panic leading to a knee-jerk selection. Enjoy your fishing trip, Joe, and we’ll see you in Cleveland this summer.