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Wow. That was disappointing.

I sat in the newsroom all day, listening to the doom and disaster on the scanner. But when I came outside to unbury my car…

Uh, undusting was more like it.

The National Weather Service says we’re supposed to get another 1 to 3 inches tonight. I’ll believe it when I see it.


This is our porch this morning. We’re supposed to get 18 feet of snow by the time I come home. And another 37 feet by this time on Friday.

No. Not really. But if you listen to the panic in the voices of Pittsburgh’s TV weather readers, that’s what you’d think. I’m certain there’s not a scrap of toilet paper to be found on western Pennsylvania store shelves anywhere. If you need to go, you’ll have to drive to Ohio.

I’ll have an after picture this evening. Y’all stay warm.

property values.

When The Wife and I stepped outside this morning, we found that we suddenly had a waterfront home, something to which we had always aspired.

And it was so easy. Now all we need is a boat.

Actually, this is our semi-annual water main break that briefly turns our street into the Pittsburgh area’s fourth river. And that brings us to a serious point. Uncle Crappy will be taking up a collection to help Pennsylvania-American Water Co., the nice folks who provide us with our water services in this area, so that they might be able to buy some pipe that holds water.

Hey. I bet if I sold off some of my waterfront property, we’d have enough money to really help them out.

advil? please?

The skiing was very nice today, especially in the morning, when we had an actual Pennsylvania powder day. A great time.

And then I skied for several more hours. And now, I hurt. And I even stretched. Some.

Jesus, it’s like I was almost 40 or something…


No bathroom humor. Just snow.

I know Uncle Crappy’s friends in Cleveland are already tired of seeing it (DD, on Tuesday night: “Every time they tell us there’s an inch coming, we get a freakin’ half-foot.”) but as I’ve mentioned, there hasn’t been enough here to satisfy my tastes.

But that should get fixed starting Thursday night, when we’re supposed to see anywhere between 3 to 7 inches. And that’s just at home. In the mountains just east of town, they’re looking for more than a foot.

Can you see what’s coming? Wait for it…

And I know it’s not unusual for local TV to go overboard when a storm of any kind is approaching — and there have been times when the Pittsburgh TV people have done a nice job covering genuine weather emergencies — but, Jesus, they’re terrible when a snowstorm is predicted. Live stand-ups near one of the parkways 24 hours before a single flake shows up? Poor Dee Thompson will be shivering outside at 5 a.m. Thursday morning, talking about a storm that isn’t scheduled to show up for another 18 hours.

And then you go to the grocery store and, yes, ALL THE TOILET PAPER IS GONE. The milk supply is decimated. And it’s hard to say what happens to the beer supply, since we can’t freaking buy beer in grocery stores here, but if we could it would all be gone as well.

Not that matters to Uncle Crappy and The Wife. Because on Friday morning, as the storm is winding down, we’re heading out, either to Seven Springs or Peek N Peak, depending on what’s open and where the driving is best.

Yep. Skiing on Friday.


** Updated, 3:50 p.m. Dec. 8. Wow. As the radar shows, it’s a-comin.’

trouble ahead.

Since we last spoke:

@ The cold got better, although I still have two lungs full of gunk, which is trying to escape. I have coughing fits in the newsroom and everyone moves away. The Wife has the cough too, and we’re trying to figure out how to have coughing fits in harmony.

@ We went to Columbus last weekend, because for christsake I’m not missing a football game, even if I am sick. A sloppy game and an exciting win all at the same time. At halftime they introduced the 1975 team, which was a Rose Bowl win away from a national championship. Those teams tended to beat just about everyone 56-3. Sometimes I miss those days.

@ I got to eat a hot dog made by Omaha Steaks. Sweet jesus — that’s the best hot dog I’ve ever had.

@ I left a pen in the pocket of one of my pairs of work pants that I washed over the weeknd, and it stained nearly every pair of work pants I owned.

@ I used birthday money to buy new work pants.

@ Oh, and we got a new car. Honda Element. It’s the coolest thing ever.

The Wife and I have both trudged through another week, and we’re coming to Columbus again this weekend — not for football, this time, but for the wedding of Everyone’s Favorite Coochie Doctor, as well as Ethel’s 40th birthday. Not enough sleep in that schedule.