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sunday bullets.

Woke up at 9, started a massive sugar-and-caffeine buzz — thanks largely to the ungodly cinnamon rolls from Ikea — and then the day has gone like this:

  • jamal.jpgSunday football has become interesting. Between the Stillers’ loss to Jacksonville and the Browns win in the Snow Bowl, the AFC North is tied, with the Stillers holding the tiebreaker. But that tiebreaker doesn’t matter if the Browns (@Cincinnati, vs. San Francisco) keep winning and the Stillers (@St. Louis, @Baltimore) keep losing, those tiebreakers don’t matter much.
  • Our now fully decorated Christmas tree is bee-yootiful.
  • The cat is thoroughly displeased with all the furniture moving, tree decorating and (especially) vacuuming that’s gone on over the weekend.
  • Saturday football continues to be interesting. One year after swearing his undying love for West Virginia, Rich Rodriguez is packing up and heading to Ann Arbor. rich.jpgI’m not sure what that means, at least for the immediate future. If Rich could bring Pat White and Steve Slayton with him, I might be concerned. He’s going to bring that spread offense with him, but he’s not going to have the players to run it (Can you see Ryan Mallet lumbering through an option? I can — and it’s pretty funny) for at least a couple of years. And as Matlock would probably admit, Rodriguez’s WVU teams have had an annoying tendency to lapse at inopportune moments (South Florida last year; Pitt, for crying out loud, this season); I wonder if that’s something that would carry over at Michigan. And thanks to Kristi and Dan for tipping me off; I was listening to the Browns game on the radio and missed this completely.
  • I’m at work and the snow is really starting to fall. And if you believe the newsroom scanner, that’s causing cars to run into things. It’s going to be a busy night.

5. starting.

Newcomers to Uncle Crappy should probably be aware of something: I’m a freak for stuff like this:


When you see radar like this in April, you know you’ve got a good chance of seeing some decent thunderstorms. When you see it in November, it means something different.

Winter’s getting ready to start.

I’m not saying we’re going to be shoveling later this week, but to get a line like that in November you need some pretty cold air off the north and west. I think we’ll at least get a taste over the next day or two.

Do me a favor: Someone remind me to take my skis in to get sharpened and waxed.


The high temperature this afternoon was 83 degrees. That was followed by nice thunderstorms, some of which are still rolling through.

Ahh. Summer’s here.


No bathroom humor. Just snow.

I know Uncle Crappy’s friends in Cleveland are already tired of seeing it (DD, on Tuesday night: “Every time they tell us there’s an inch coming, we get a freakin’ half-foot.”) but as I’ve mentioned, there hasn’t been enough here to satisfy my tastes.

But that should get fixed starting Thursday night, when we’re supposed to see anywhere between 3 to 7 inches. And that’s just at home. In the mountains just east of town, they’re looking for more than a foot.

Can you see what’s coming? Wait for it…

And I know it’s not unusual for local TV to go overboard when a storm of any kind is approaching — and there have been times when the Pittsburgh TV people have done a nice job covering genuine weather emergencies — but, Jesus, they’re terrible when a snowstorm is predicted. Live stand-ups near one of the parkways 24 hours before a single flake shows up? Poor Dee Thompson will be shivering outside at 5 a.m. Thursday morning, talking about a storm that isn’t scheduled to show up for another 18 hours.

And then you go to the grocery store and, yes, ALL THE TOILET PAPER IS GONE. The milk supply is decimated. And it’s hard to say what happens to the beer supply, since we can’t freaking buy beer in grocery stores here, but if we could it would all be gone as well.

Not that matters to Uncle Crappy and The Wife. Because on Friday morning, as the storm is winding down, we’re heading out, either to Seven Springs or Peek N Peak, depending on what’s open and where the driving is best.

Yep. Skiing on Friday.


** Updated, 3:50 p.m. Dec. 8. Wow. As the radar shows, it’s a-comin.’

me too.

To the guy who found Uncle Crappy after he did a Yahoo search last night for “I want to buy a fucking weather predicting owl” — hey, let me know if you find one. I mean, how cool would that be?