In response to a recent Yahoo search that somehow brought the searcher to Uncle Crappy, I did a little searching for random weather-predicting items. I didn’t do as well as HP — as much a weather freak as Uncle Crappy — who found a site pushing weather-predicting clothes pins.

Never let it be said that Uncle Crappy and friends aren’t here to help.


  1. I don’t know about these – I’d still like to see the fucking owl – with my luck, I’d convert my entire laundry drying process over to these wonderful pegs and even though I know it is actually raining outside (first hand knowledge), these pegs wouldn’t fucking work inside the house. I did a little searching, and couldn’t find out what criteria these use (humidity, barometric pressure).

    In fact, if I’m not mistaken, Janet Jackson was using two of these to hold up her leather jacket and blouse, and a freak, humid, low barometric air pocket formed over the stadium where she and justin were ‘performing’ – so you never know when all hell will break loose from even the best laid plans.


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