it’s broke.

The Wife and I had a great day of skiing at Hidden Valley today, in spite of the fact that it was windy, cold and the resort was making snow all day, which means occasionally being pelted by little ice pellets on the face while crusing down the hill.

We learned:

* The Wife has magic skis.

* Hidden Valley has a great little coffee shop across from the ski shop. Not much for ambience, but outstanding coffee.

* Uncle Crappy likes skiing fast.

Mom and Dad of Uncle Crappy didn’t have such a hot day skiing yesterday. While heading toward the tail end of their annual trip to Boyne Highlands in Michigan, Dad took an odd fall and felt a little pain in his ankle, something he thought at the time was a sprain. But when he got X-rays today, he found that the leg in question was, in fact, broken.

And what does this mean for the Colorado trip two weeks hence? Stay tuned.