Meet Miss Mollie, the real reason for our trip to Florida. The previous post made it sound like the trip was going to a mini-Spring Break, and that really wasn’t the case. Oh, there were beaches and fruity cocktails and seafood dinners. But there was also time with my sister and brother in law, our nephews, and Miss Mollie, our niece who is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 weeks old. She is easily the nicest baby I’ve ever met. She’s very chatty already. She smiles a lot, including right when she wakes up (which makes me wonder if she could actually be my sister’s daughter…), she doesn’t complain too much, and she even sleeps all the way through the night — miraculous, considering the track record of her two brothers before her.

The boys, by the way, are both as nuts as you’d expect a 4-year-old and almost-6-year-old would be. We went swimming with them every afternoon — which means we did a little swimming, a little throwing the boys into the air and letting them land in pool, a little hunting for the lizards that scamper around the backyard. The Wife, an only child who had no close male cousins while she grew up, was a little concerned about their behavior towards each other, but her concern is based on a lack of experience. They’re normal boys, which means, as I said before, they’re nuts.

Some of this has to do with the cooler weather in Pittsburgh when we arrived home on Sunday, but I’m feeling a little like the trip to Florida was the last bang of the summer. Roadtrips to Columbus, football and everything else fall has to offer is right around the corner. And I think I’m ready.


  1. Miss Mollie is a real cutie!

    And no, summer is not over yet. Not by a long shot….
    Don’t wish fall weather on us too soon.


  2. Wowie Zowie. What a darling addition to the family. And well behaved… Did she steal your heart away? Glad to hear that you’re back in one piece and ready for the football. The excitement is building…


  3. She is quite a cutie! Give my best to UC’s sister & bro-in-law – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for continuing good sleeping habits.

    As for the behavior in boys – I’m actually glad, for now, that I have two little girls in the house. They play, draw, do puzzles, etc. We have friends with little boys over, and it is shear pandamonium – of course, in 10 years, when older daughter is 14 and younger is 11, I’m certain I’ll be thinking, “if only I had two boys . . .”

    On to fall – Muck Fichigan, and all that good stuff. I need to find a Buckeye bar in lower Westchester – problem is, they don’t even know what college football is (they always try to pull the bullshit – ‘we only focus on pro football, not college’ degrading the event – well, duh – all we have here is Rutgers and Columbia – they’ll never understand the feeling that you get when your team (and you didn’t really have to go there) takes the field – I’ll never forget one of Kewyson’s wife’s first meeting with mother of kewyson – Michigan weekend – little ol’ kewyson mom, in response to an intercetpion by the team up north, gets up out of her chair and yells to the then OSU defense, ‘get him, god dammit, get him!’ – much fun, but I digress.

    Enjoy the FL sun & sand.


  4. When my folks came home from their first visit to see Mollie, Father of Uncle Crappy was smitten to the point that he could barely speak complete sentences. I now understand why.


  5. Wow! What a little doll! :)

    You’re right about little boys being nuts. My nephews were here yesterday (16, 4 and 3) and did they ever wear me out! It was good, though.

    Glad you had a nice trip :)


  6. mollie sounds a lot like my daughter, lucie bee, when she was a baby. and therein lies the joy of having a daughter. girls rule, boys drool.


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