By special request, all the way from Minnesota. Don’t ask.


  1. Obviously those knees are red, and you are a Redskin Fan – Go Miami! (got to at least root for them, right HP?)


  2. Yeah, you gotta hang with your alma mater. The one time I’ve ever sat in Ohio Stadium wearing something other than scarlet and grey was when OU played the Bucks in 1999. The game was tied at halftime, and we took pictures of the scoreboard, ala Lee Corso…


  3. nice gams! yours, UC? Nice, very nice…

    yes, kewyson, go Skins…or should I say Hawks? I’ll just stick with what I know, go Skins!



  4. My legs, yes. I’m actually surprised that there’s a little visible muscle tone in those thighs.

    Minnesota? B, this picture stemmed from a cell phone conversation with our friend in Rochester, who thought I was talking about my knees when I was trying to tell her about my neice. I’m still waiting to hear what she thinks…


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