Uncle Crappy is a little distracted this week. Partly because it’s a short week, and I still have a ton of shit to get done in three days instead of five. Mostly because of the Ohio State-Texas game on Saturday. We’re planning an 10-hour tailgate party that will wrap up an hour before the game starts at 8 p.m. Why? This is like a freaking bowl game in September, and we have to be ready.

Remember this picture of Jim Tressel after the 2003 Fiesta Bowl? The Texas game is almost that big. Almost.

Actually, the Ohio State game is the one I’m most certain about. There are two others of importance: OU has a good shot at beating Pitt in Athens Friday night, mostly because Pitt is still reeling from getting stomped by Notre Dame last weekend. And the Browns might even beat Cincinnati on Sunday.

But I’d trade both of those for a win on Saturday.


  1. So, I won’t even comment on the OSU game…I know how you’ll be this week.

    Really, as a consolation, didn’t the Bobcats kick some ass this weekend?
    My Redskins got housed again…Not so good.

    Won’t even talk about the Brownies, playing like the losers that they are…..
    When will they ever stop sucking?

    Thanks everyone for listening to my rant.


  2. How ’bout those Bucks, eh?

    4 turn-overs- superb field position and 12 converted points?? Arrrrrrgggg.

    Great defense, inept offense. So what’s new??

    I’m looking for the scar on the back of my next from the implantation of the chip in my head the forces me to root for them all these years. The curse of growing up a Buckeye – all too familiar feeling of disappointment and only ifs.

    At least Michigan got beat by the god dammed Irish :)


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