A note to those who want to pimp their blogs on Uncle Crappy: The best way to get me, and most of the people who read this page, to check your blog is to leave an interesting, relevant comment on mine. The best way to ensure I’m never going to check your page is leave a message saying nothing more than, you know, that I should check your page.

And as long as we’re being grumpy (OK, so the football stuff is bothering me a little bit): I’ve just noticed a little flag icon at the top of the page. That’s where you can tell Blogger that you’ve been offended by something on my page. I’m not going to get into the implied threat Blogger is making to its members and how it absolutely bugs the shit out of me. But I will say that if someone finds something offensive on my blog, it would be really cool if you checked with me first. I often write entries when I’m pissed off, drunk or both, and there’s probably a good chance that I’ve stepped over a line or two in almost two years as Uncle Crappy. If I am unable or unwilling to help you, feel free to complain away.

And if you don’t like the the language, or the politics, or the constant references to beer, hippie bands or Ohio State football, then you should probably find another blog to read. Because you’re never going to be happy with this one.


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