Apologies to Anne, who tagged me for this last week. I was serious about that distracted-by-football thing.

Five years ago: I had been working at my current newspaper for about six months, and was thinking that the decision to change jobs was a bad one. It’s gotten better.

Five songs I know all the words to: “U.S. Blues.” “Roses Are Free.” “Sweet Jane.” “Buckeye Battle Cry” (there’s that football thing again). “Hello Dolly” (which I can sing in a Louis Armstrong voice that sounds so close to the real thing it’s scary…). There are many others.

Five snacks I enjoy: Hostess Cupcakes. Doritos. White Castles (five or fewer is a snack; six or more counts as a meal). Apple slices dredged through a tub of that peanut-butter caramel dip. A big bowl of fresh pineapple.

Five things I’d do with $100 million : Be debt free. Ensure that my sister and brother-in-law have enough money that the don’t have to worry about sending my neice and nephews to Florida’s horrible public schools. Give my mother-in-law the opportunity to retire. Do something nice for my parents (but, Jesus, they already have everything…). Buy The Wife and me a nice house in the hills near Athens, Ohio.

Five places I’d run away to: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii. Northern Wisconsin. Aspen, Colorado. Any Grateful Dead tour. Athens, Ohio (see above).

Five things I would never wear: Piercings. Mesh tank tops (think Right Said Fred). University of Michigan apparel. Speedo bathing suits. Matching white belts and shoes.

Five favorite television shows (tough, because I don’t get to see much TV while I work so many evenings. So this is kind of an all-time list.) Northern Exposure. Duckman. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Any programming that appears on The Weather Channel. The Simpsons.

Five favorite toys: (current) Our computer (Anne, it totally counts!). My digital camera. My official Wilson NCAA football. My skis. My iPod (which, technically, I don’t actually own yet, although my birthday is coming in just under a month). (30 years ago) Mattel Football. Silly Putty. My Frisbees. That big vibrating football thing with the plastic players that rattled around. Our old Atari game system.

Five greatest joys: The Wife. Our cat. My family. My friends. Music.

Five people I’m tagging: Tough, because I don’t know enough other bloggers well enough to throw this at them … so I’m tagging Juan, HP, DD, Kewyson and B. Discuss.


  1. Changed my mind; you get to go the fuck away now. I’ll probably let someone who is looking for a little traffic for his blog stay up, no matter how pathetic the pimpage is. Refers to commercial sites? No fucking way.


  2. UC – I’m assuming ‘discuss’ means’ contribute and not comment – so here’s a little insight into the world of Kewyson
    5 years ago: was working for a consulting firm (Big 5) – on a big project – for the State of California, in Dallas Texas – away from home 5 days a week – was beginning to think, this is not what I want to do- was actively trying to get wife of Kewyson laiden – it worked – eventually, changed jobs – daughter was born.

    5 songs – He went to Paris (Jimmy); Dead Flowers (Stones – only song I can play on guitar); Piano Man (Billy – can sorta play on piano – Elton too difficult); Peanut Butter Conspiracy (Jimmy); Great Filling Station Holdup (Jimmy).
    5 snacks – Oreo ice cream, cherry vanilla ice cream, coffee ice cream, swiss vanilla almond ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream (I’m the Bubba Gump of ice cream)
    5 Things – $100M – secure my family’s financial future (retirement, college, current living); buy a sailboat; host annual weekend getaways in fun places; buy waterfront property; travel
    5 places to escape to: New Zealand / Austrailia – 2 months minimum; 44-foot sailboat – Caribbean Ocean; Jackson, WY; Alaska (summer); Kiawah Island.
    5 never wear – tattoo; piercings; Searsucker suit; bow tie (except with tux); baggy clothing
    5 Favorite TV shows: Will & Grace; Weather Channel (can’t help it); Law & Order (all versions);

    gotta go – more later perhaps


  3. Five years ago: Was working at First Energy, or as we like to call them, Last Energy or No Energy.

    Five Songs: Rolling Stones “Girl with Far Away Eyes.” “Stella Blue.” “What I Got.” “Papa Was a Rolling Stone.” “Pure Love.”

    Five Snacks: Cheez Its, Potato Chips and Lawsons Dip, Frozen Grapes, jello shots, Paula’s Cheese Ball Dip

    $100 Million: Take care of my elderly relatives, buy the mountain house w/studio and pool, buy the lake house w/studio and pool, travel, have ground hog at either mountain or lake house

    five places to run away to: Kauai, Hawaii, Sedona AZ, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Key West, Lake Tahoe, NV

    5 things I’d never wear: my hot pink skirt with embroidered whales, white shoes or linen pants after Labor Day, a string bikini, pants or shirt with “cow print”, Zubas

    TV shows: Weather Channel, In A Fix, What not to Wear, Conan OBrien, Ilove the 80’s and 70’s on VH1

    Five fave toys: my computer and the internets, my bicycle, my rollerblades, retro video games
    girls club (tuesday nites)

    greatest joys: My boopie, my kat, being outside, being on the water, my faimily and friends

    not tagging anyone yet….


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