That’s for HP, a regular Uncle Crappy reader, Kewyson, another regular Uncle Crappy reader, and the Coochie Doctor, who’s looked at Uncle Crappy maybe once. Hah.

That’s for Pennsylvanians everywhere, on the eve of Penn State’s Big Ten quarterfinal game against my Buckeyes.

And that’s for all of us. Because as soon as all this basketball stuff is over, baseball season can really begin.

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  1. Even though the Red Skins, or, whatever, failed to beat the wonderful team from Athens – it looks as if trouble was had from Kent – enough of the small team fluff-

    So, what do you think about the chances of the Bucks actually going far – maybe even the Final Four??

    Finally – Baseball – did I tell you I live only 10 miles away from Yankee Stadium? Easy access by train / subway – so – you want to come out for a game??

    Hope you are all recouperating – especially the wife


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