and i thought he was a cat.

As it turns out, the furry mammal that’s been living with us for the last several years is in fact an otter. I had no idea about this until tonight. We even placed a small rock on his stomach while this display was going on; he didn’t mind the rock, although he seemed a little irritated when told there was no shellfish, fresh or otherwise, available in the house.

In other news:

* The Wife’s knee is apparently just sprained, with perhaps a partial meniscus tear. She’ll be starting a physical therapy program here shortly. We were very happy to hear this.

* Wow. I just spelled “meniscus” correctly on the first try.

* I’m knee-deep in brackets: a couple for my office, a couple for The Wife’s pool and the internet pool that I came this close to winning last year. In that spirit, I’m announcing the First-Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Contest. Simply post your picks for the Final Four, the teams that make the championship game and the winner. You’ll get a point for each correct pick, and three points for correctly picking the champ. The winner will receive a Fabulous Prize direct from Uncle Crappy.

Oh, and the first person to point out that it’s impossible to have a “first-annual” anything will be disqualified, ridiculed and possibly banned from Uncle Crappy for, um, a day or two.

So have your picks in by noon Eastern on Thursday, which is something like 6 or 7 p.m. in Switzerland. Miles the Otter thanks you for your support.