There’s lots here to play with, although I’m bumping up against a few limitations as well. I’m probably not going to ever find that perfect blogging platform without paying for it, but this is looking like it could be close enough.

I can’t figure out how to add a non-blogroll set of links, and I’d really like to continue that tradition — especially since I just found the Cheese soundbites, which are the funniest goddamn things of all time. And I have to see how easy it is to add pix … which I think I’ll do right now …


Hey, look — it’s a picture of the cat. That wasn’t too bad, but a little trickier than I was expecting. And for christsake, don’t look at all that crap behind Miles — The Wife’ll kill me.

At any rate, it’s different. Overall, I’m likin’ it so far. And that may be enough.