i’m sorry?

OK. No gynecological discussions. Or jokes. At least not yet.

Nope, we’re writing about an unexpectedly nice surprise that’s coming up in about six weeks at the Post-Gazette Coca-Cola Star Lake Pavilion Amphitheater — or whatever it’s called these days: The unfortunately titled Homegrown Hoo-Ha on June 30.

If you can get past the name — guaranteed to send 12-year-old boys into fits of giggles — you’re in for a pretty nice afternoon and evening of music. The headliners are Rusted Root and The Clarks, and Good Brother Earl — the band that opened at our Spin Doctors show on Walnut Street last summer, the one I thought should have been on the top of that bill — will be one of the bands playing at set on the second stage.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Donnie Iris is the host. I think I saw Donnie and Cruisers once, in Bird Arena in Athens many, many years ago. I know I saw Donnie, without the Cruisers but with a couple of very attractive women young enough to not have been alive when “Ah-Leah” was recorded, sitting at a table at Kelley’s in Bridgewater the last time I was in there.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there will be post-concert fireworks. Because you can’t have a Big Event in Pittsburgh without shooting off some rockets and shit.
OK. Maybe I sound a little skeptical about the whole deal, but I’m actually looking forward to it. I just need to convince The Wife that she’s interested as well.

I’m writing about the show in June as if I’m going to survive the next week; believe me, boys and girls, if I attempt what I’m thinking about, that might just be an issue. I know we’re going to see Derek Trucks at Mr. Small’s on Thursday, but one weeknight concert might not be enough for me. Disco Biscuits also appears at Mr. Small’s on Monday, so I’m considering two trips to Millvale in the span or four days. I wouldn’t be worth a shit at work all week — and it might just in fact kill me — but it would totally be worth it.