The PG ran a story about bacn today, taking the time to identify the term and discuss some of its ramifications. The reporter spoke with two people — a PR guy and an author from New York, a woman who works for a software firm in Florida, a representative of Best Buy based in Minneapolis, a consultant from Atlanta and a marketing dude in Los Angeles.

Wow — that’s a well-sourced story, right?


Want to talk with someone about the term, its creation and its meaning? How about talking with one of the people who created it? They shouldn’t be hard to find — because they’re RIGHT HERE IN TOWN. Want to talk with an Internet security specialist? How about someone at CMU? We’ve got marketing people, consultants — hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people right here in Pittsburgh who can intelligently address this topic — and the PG is calling faceless guys in New York instead.

To me, the single most impressive thing about attending the first Podcamp Pittsburgh was the discovery of the depth of expertise, knowledge and experience that exists here. After year two, though, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. If the PG wanted to find local sources, they could have started by looking at the bacn site I referenced above and checking with any of the six people who are named there.

Guys — this could have been a great local story. Guess you forgot about the “local” part.


  1. I guess I’m just baffled over their approach more than anything else. They could have written the same story, covering the same ground, using Pittsburgh contacts exclusively. Wouldn’t have been hard. So why did they take the approach they did?


  2. Why write the story in the first place? Who cares that there is a fancy acronym to describe the crap in my mailbox that I only care about some of the time. How about an article on something important like Ohio State’s stifling defense or Jim Tressel or Ohio State’s impressive freshman class or…


  3. Large: It’s important here because the term was coined here. And I’d rather discuss bacn than the Steelers…

    Fear not — there’s plenty more football on the way…


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