If you want to see Uncle Crappy make an ass out of himself, I’d advise you to go to that YouTube page I mentioned before. If you don’t remember where to look — or if you’re just curious, and I know who you are — send me an email, and I’ll point you in the right direction.


  1. Awesome! At first I saw the 1,300 lbs. vegitable (he kept at it for 12 years before he got a big one – dedication, and a lot of chemicals he said) –

    and then I found the right clip – now that’s a keeper – I bet the Wife, FUC and MUC are beaming with pride.


  2. The most recent clip I viewed was with the Penguin’s uniforms…that was awesome! I’m very impressed at your ability to keep all that, “new, new, old” stuff straight, no tongue-twists. Very good

    Is there a newer clip?


  3. E: Generally, I make an idiot of myself on all of them … but the one you really want to see is Newsbreak 091007.

    Kewyson: I can’t speak for my parents, but The Wife just about soiled herself.


  4. Oh my goodness! That is fabulous. The bag of potato chips it too much. I had to share your clip with Daly and a few other people.


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