6. birthday!

Since the weekend of my actual birthday, I’ve been hearing from The Wife about how our celebration of my birthday was coming. Soon. Some kind of issue. Can’t really explain now, but you’ll see.


This wasn’t a big deal for me; as most of you know, I’m pretty enthusiastic about birthdays. Especially mine. And I don’t mind multiple birthday celebrations — in fact, that’s something I encourage.

So while I knew this was on the horizon somewhere, I was nonetheless surprised when I got home tonight and found:

  • Steaks ready to hit the grill.
  • A couple of bottles of Magic Hat’s Jinx ready to go with the charred meat.
  • The most beautiful cherry pie I have ever seen in my life.
  • A birthday-themed gift bag.



Dinner and dessert were both wonderful. The gift was even better. I’ve always kind of been interested in these bracelets made from discarded guitar and bass strings of musicians I tend to like a lot — that part’s not a coincidence, because this charity fundraiser was hatched by Relix magazine, which has made a good living covering hippie music for more than 30 years.

There were several musicians who had given stuff to the Wear Your Music project whose strings I would been happy to wear, but The Wife apparently heard the subconscious telepathic messages I had been sending about really wanting a Keller Williams bracelet above all others. It probably helped that she finally got to see him a couple of times in the last year (although she hasn’t yet made it to one of his Mr. Small’s shows) and got to see first-hand what I was raving about.


There you go. That’s the bracelet, made from a Keller Williams guitar string, on my wrist, next to the beaded one I made for myself years ago. Neither one will be coming off my wrist anytime soon.

That was a wonderful birthday, proof, once again, that I married the perfect person.

4 Replies to “6. birthday!”

  1. Happy birthday, again and again. And if you should decide to bring a halt to the birthday celebrations, remember you can then begin to celebrate your un-birthdays.


  2. Thanks, y’all, for the post-birthday birthday wishes. And Rachel, thanks especially for the nice words about my old bracelet. It’s a pretty simple one, actually — beads and hardware from Michael’s or someplace similar. I think it looks pretty good with the guitar-string birthday bracelet.


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