Later today, I get to celebrate the second of two birthdays in a row.

I already told you about the surprise birthday that The Wife sprung on me Wednesday night. The second is the third birthday of Pittsburgh Bloggers, the site founded by Woy, Cindy Closkey and others as a way of tracking the blogging activity going on here in Pittsburgh. I think they’d both tell you they continue to be a little surprised by the level of participation — 600-some blogs were registered as of August, and more continue to show up.

I’m not expecting that all 600 bloggers will show up at tonight’s Blogfest 12, which starts at 5:30 at Finnegan’s Wake on General Robinson Street on the North Shore. But I do expect to see a few people I’ve gotten to know a little bit since Podcamp in August, and a few more whose faces, names or Twitter handles will be familiar.

And I hope no one is really expecting me to show up in a thong and pasties. I mean, Father Spoon can do what he wants, but I’m probably going to be the oldest person there — I have to maintain at least a semblance of respectability.


  1. I’m trying to work my schedule so I can come down for at least an hour so it could be right after work sans the pasties. I’ve been to one before, you won’t be the oldest.

    How many birthdays do you have anyways? sheesh.


  2. Birthdays? As many as possible…

    But in this case the reason was a good one — UPS couldn’t figure out where to deliver the bracelet, and didn’t send notification that they were holding the package. So, after a few calls by The Wife this week … Presto! Extra November Birthday!


  3. Wow, if all 600 bloggers had shown up we wouldn’t have had enough cake.

    It was awesome to see you again, and I look forward to getting together for the next happy hour!


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