3. hot.

I love me some Fourth of July.

This is the first time in three years we’ve been able to come back to Columbus for the holiday, and it’s almost silly how excited I am about it.

We start early, with the parade — a fixture of the suburb where I grew up. We have a lunchtime party. We have a short nap in the afternoon and then another party in the evening, which will go until we walk a few blocks to the park for fireworks.

And then there’s the food. Just about everything I put in my mouth tomorrow will have been grilled before it got there. What hasn’t been grilled will have been made from scratch my mother, by the mothers of friends whom I’ve known long enough that they might as well be family or by friends who, for the most part, have turned out to be pretty good cooks as well.

Or it will be beer. Either way, I am so looking forward to it.

We’ll eat way too much. And that’s OK — it’s a long day. We’ll need the energy.

Have a great Fourth, y’all.


2 Replies to “3. hot.”

  1. I talked to mom yesterday and she mentioned making deviled eggs. A true 4th of July staple. So what did I do this morning when my to-do list is a full page long? I’m making deviled eggs. Yummy, and opened up a spot in the fridge.

    We’re up to about 80 people coming by this afternoon. Should be fun! Happy 4th of July to you and your wife.


  2. I’m jealous…..sitting here in the smoke in Nor Cal. No fireworks…no BBQ…no beer…..just smoke. Whaaahhhh.

    But hey…look on the bright side. It’s going to hit 105 by Wednesday. Should make for some cool fire activity.


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