4. toldya.





And lots in between. Hope your Fourth was as much fun as ours.


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  1. Phin Matt’s? Looks intriguing? Maybe next month you could nablomopo on beer/alcohol?

    UA 4th looks fabulous! Spoonbill Lane 4th also fabulous in spite of 3 year old throwing up.

    See you tomorrow.


  2. Did you all go down the street for the fireworks? I was in the ‘Turner’ park – lee side of the library – sat next to Coochie doc’s sis / husband / kids and father –

    Either way – good day – weather not the best – until Sat – we enjoyed a night in Clarion, PA – woohoo !!!!

    Hope your drive back and softball game was good –


  3. We drove down to the same park just before the show started — that would be a long walk for Father of Uncle Crappy these days — and met up with Matlock and Junior, who seemed interested but not especially impressed.

    Glad yinz had a good trip home and back. Clarion’s not a bad town, but it gets overrun in the fall when the leaves change. It’s like our own little Vermont, without the charm and history…


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