5. surprise.

An unexpected pleasure, thanks to a suggestion from Juan: Turkish dinner on the the Coochie Doctor and Matlock’s patio. If you’re looking for a different dinner in northwest Columbus, you can’t go wrong with Cafe Shish Kabob on Bethel Road. What you see here are the leftovers — and as you can see, there wasn’t much left over.


3 Replies to “5. surprise.”

  1. Sorry we missed you guys Saturday nite. We had some serious hijinks with the Queen B. I also tried emailing you that we were bailing…texting while driving 70 is no good. (sent to wrong email)

    We had a wonderful time, it was great to see you!!


  2. Got the emails — glad everything worked out OKish. But yinz missed a kick-ass dinner. Next time…


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