6. fulfilled.

It wasn’t planned this way, but in one single trip to Ohio, I was able to get a taste of my Top Two Favorite Foods I Can’t Get On A Regular Basis. And that makes me a happy guy.

After playing golf with Father of Uncle Crappy Saturday afternoon, The Wife and I took a quick spin through the drive-through at my local White Castle. I only had a couple, but that was enough to hold me over until the next trip home.

We usually have to grab something on the road while heading back to Pittsburgh on Sunday mornings, as we generally leave late enough that we have to hustle to get me home in time for lunch. We were both bemoaning the fact that we’re way too familiar with the various food offerings along I-71 in northeast Ohio — until we remember the new Donato’s Pizza location that opened in Ashland last fall. It’s difficult eating pizza in a moving car — but we managed.

And a bonus — the beer. There’s plenty of stuff to bitch about in Ohio, but buying beer isn’t among them. This haul cost me about $28 at The Andersons General Store in Dublin; here, it would have run me at least fifty bucks.

And yes — this month or any other, beer does count as food.


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  1. Of course beer counts!

    Tonight – for dinner – I prepared some nice grilled chicken (marinated in balsamic dressing), a baby spinach salad (because they’re better when they’re young!) – with orange and red onion (I’d actually prefer to add some mushrooms, but that’s a big no no to the Kewyson wife) – and for the carbos??? for the Kewyson wife, none, but for me – no rice, or nicely grilled potatoes with onion n spice – but no – carbos tonight for me was a couple of Smuttynose Finestkind IPAs!


  2. Kewyson: I probably didn’t need to explain that to this crowd — but I wanted to be clear.

    Cindy and Spoon: We go back in a couple of weeks and I’m ready to start my new career as a bootlegger. Get your orders in…


  3. BBM: You’re welcome. You should have smelled The Wife’s car, all the way back from Ashland…


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