first fourth.

Our work schedules prevented us from making the trek home for our traditional UA Fourth of July. But we had been invited to share my favorite holiday with the crew at the Burghseyeview Lounge and Resort — and as it turned out we had pretty much everything we needed for a great first Fourth of July as residents of Pittsburgh.

(All of the following pix will take you to my Flickr set from the day. Except for the one I borrowed from Jennie.)





Thanks, Jennie.
Thanks, Jennie.


After we dropped Jenn at her apartment in Oakland, Mrs. Crappy said she was hungry. A stop at the Original Hot Dog Shop seemed like the right way to close out the day.

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  1. There is a reason you are in the profession you have chosen sir. Great job on the post and especially the flickr set, the captions are priceless! Thanks for coming and I can’t wait to get to your diggs for pizza.


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