8. disappointed.

A summertime cold that showed up Monday night kept me home from work today, and sent me scrambling back to a few of the cold and flu remedies I’ve relied on in the past.

I made one mistake today — I bought chunky chicken noodle soup, instead of the basic variety. I’m still not certain whether it works as well, cold-and-fluwise, but I’m certain of one thing — it was almost tasteless.

The glass of Irish whiskey seemed to work well, though. Good night.


2 Replies to “8. disappointed.”

  1. I like to wait until day two or three before starting into the toddies. They are powerful medicine, after all.

    But I advise availing oneself of full-strength chicken soup as soon as possible — none of this canned stuff, mind you. All you need is the remains of a roast chicken (cooked at the store is fine), some water, and anything else. Vegetables, noodles, rice, whatever. Just dunk bread in if you feel too weak for other ingredients. It’s all about the broth.

    Feel better soon.


  2. It’s coming around, very slowly.

    I know homemade soup would be even better, but I’ve never found the energy to give it a try when I need it most.


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