annnd, they’re off.

Yinz are awesome.

We have 28 entries in the WoyGirl Arrival Date Pool, which means we have a $112 pot, half of which goes to the winner and half goes to the WoyGirl Diaper Fund (which would last them, what, three or four days?). And thanks to Woy’s generosity, the winner will also receive a WearPittsburgh shirt of his or her choice.

The final, official list follows below. If I don’t know you in real life, you’ll get some kind of notice from PayPal — probably on Friday — about paying up.

If your entry is sharing a date with someone else, I’ll need a couple things from you: your guess as to WoyGirl’s weight at birth and the time at which she shows up. Those will be our tiebreakers. If you’ve sent ’em already — thanks. If you haven’t, I’ll send an email reminder tonight.

Or you could just skip all that stuff about tiebreakers. Because that kid is coming on Friday night.

  • July 18, Uncle Crappy
  • July 19, Karen
  • July 20, Sorgatron/Spoon/Danielle
  • July 21, Cindy/Jim Lokay
  • July 22, Spoon/PittGirl
  • July 23, Dawn
  • July 24, THindes/Locobone
  • July 25, The Wife/Andrea
  • July 26, BBM
  • July 27, Elena/Scott/RachelB
  • July 28, Carla
  • July 29, Kim/TheAmy/Carman
  • July 30, TheJim/Scott
  • July 31, Wineplz
  • July 32, Kewyson*
  • Aug. 1, Will
  • Aug. 2, RachelS
  • Aug. 3, Michael

6 Replies to “annnd, they’re off.”

  1. Yinz ARE awesome. Thank you so much for participating in this… it means alot to me and Mrs. Woy!

    Oh, and I do hope one of the earlier dates win. Just sayin’.


  2. I’d like to plege that, if woygirl has the unfortunate birth on July 32 I’ll donate my earnings to the baby pool – best of luck – and her’s to hoping the transition period is reasonable – for Mr. Woy’s sake.


  3. Here are my tiebreakers for 7/20.

    Weight: 7 lbs, 9 oz
    TOB: 8:42 PM

    If you buy Target brand diapers, you’re looking at about $.15 per diaper. I’d say average diaper use is about 8-10 per day (especially early on). So $56 bucks will get you about 37-47 days of diapering.

    ( I just depressed myself when I extrapolated that math out to the approximate 2.5 years we diapered my son. Sigh.)

    Don’t spend anymore money on diapers than you have to, but do be sure to purchase this for your wee one’s bum: Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. Contrary to listing, this stuff IS available in Target stores, conveniently right next to diapers. It smells good, it isn’t greasy and it works better than any product I tried, including prescription.

    Best wishes!!


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