13. no other way.

(This post marks the return to this month’s NaBloPoMo theme. You’ll note that the numbers picked up where they left off; this does NOT indicate that I’ve missed the last several days. Really.)

I understand the convenience of grilling with gas. And I have to admit the thought of lording over one of those thousand-dollar stainless steel gas-powered monsters has a certain appeal.

But if we’re talking about grilling, there’s only one way to go: charcoal. For years, The Wife and I have worked magic with a tiny Weber Smokey Joe grill, just big enough for two steaks and four ears of corn. Once we’re in a new house, one of the first home-improvement projects I hope to tackle is kitchen enhancement — which means buying a full-sized Weber kettle for the backyard, a big bag of charcoal to go with it and the biggest porterhouses I can find.

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  1. Gas convenience wins out for me – i grill 4 – 5 nights a week – year round – if i used charcol – we wouldn’t eat until 9:30 – plus, when i’m done – just turn it off – no ash – but by no means let me persuade your home improvement

    which by the way, stirs intererst in a forthcoming move? Loan qualification is probably tougher now, but the real estate market is probably soft (and this better be a move to that city to your south


  2. As turns out, loan qualification wasn’t a problem at all. Finding a house that doesn’t also have $20,000 issues is something else entirely.


  3. If you already know about chimney starters: excellent.

    If you don’t already know about chimney starters: now you know about chimney starters. Go buy some chimney starters. They rule something utter.


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