I can’t promise that I’m going to be a Friday Five regular, but because this week’s series of questions fit nicely with the month’s NaBloPoMo food theme, I think I can give this one a try.

1. What was the last meal that caused you to be ill?

Hard to say. I eat meals that cause some gastro-intestinal distress fairly frequently — because I happen to like a lot of the foods that give me those problems. Mexican? Yep. Italian? Oh, the heartburn. Perhaps the last one that would be suspect was a parking lot burrito at a show by the Dead in 2004. Had to miss a day of work for that one, but I can’t be completely sure the burrito was the cause.

2. Are there any places you never dine anymore because of a bad experience hours after the meal?

Nope. If I like them, I go. Smile, take a Pepcid and deal with it.

I do have some difficulties with specific foods because they happened to be involved in an episode that probably had nothing to do with food poisoning. Cilantro is one — can’t stand the taste any longer, because of one weekend I spent with stomach flu. The Wife has one as well, and it kills me — artichokes. I loooove them; she’ll never eat one again.

3. What’s your prescription for dealing with a food-caused illness?

  • Call off work.
  • Have someone get you several bottles of Gatorade.
  • Stretch out on the couch. Don’t move, except for trips to the bathroom.
  • Stay there until it’s passed.

4. When friends tell you about coming down with food-caused illnesses, do you avoid the places they name, or do you figure it’s a dice-roll wherever you go?

A bad meal can happen anywhere, at the corner diner, at McDonald’s or at Le Mont. If this was something I was really concerned about, I’d stay home and eat cereal. And probably worry about the milk.

5. After numerous citations, a very, very popular restaurant that you’re quite fond of is shut down by the health department until it can get everything up to code. When the health department gives the restaurant the OK to reopen, do you go?

I am first in line when they open the doors. The Wife probably won’t come with me, but still…

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