15. travelin’ man.

My new Mommy Blogger friends might appreciate this: The Wife and I — otherwise known as the childless ones — are heading to Canton shortly to babysit our niece and two nephews for the evening.

When we first took on this task a couple of years ago, we — and by that I mean me — were terrified about how things would go, especially with the niece, who was a little more than a year old. We’re more confident this time around, although it occurs to me that the niece, who is now 3, could possibly be more of a handful this time around. Hilarity will ensue.

So wish us luck. We may need it.

Uncle Crappy, you say: What does this post have to do with food?

That’s easy, I say. We’ll be having Donato’s for dinner. Whooo!

3 Replies to “15. travelin’ man.”

  1. She was really good, actually. There was a minor meltdown when her parents left for their dinner, but a little help from her favorite brother — and the promise of a popsicle — convinced her that it was OK to come downstairs.

    The only other problem was ours — the children DID NOT GET TIRED. By the time my sister and BIL got home, The Wife and I were the ones who were ready for bed immediately.


  2. Pictures of myself taken 7 years ago (when daughter #1 was born) and now (with a 7 year old and a 4 year old) show a drastic aging process – caused by chronic lack of sleep and feeling like the Mom in “Christmas Story” – ‘My mother had not eaten a hot meal for herself in 15 years”

    Hope you had fun – you at least got to leave the responsibility – sometimes, I like to travel on business – can be quite a feeling of freedom – and then I get bored really quickly – say – 5 minutes.


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