Two straight weekends with the Florida kids has been awesome. And exhausting.

It’s also completely crushed this month’s NaBloPoMo efforts. Ooops.

I’m not blaming the annual Northern Tour, mind you — but it has provided a convenient excuse on those days in the last two weeks when I’ve been struggling.

I’m still tired, and I’m still struggling. So: Bullet post. Yep. Sorry.

  • I’m still allowed to talk about food, even though I’m no longer even pretending that I’m going to make up for the lost NaBloPoMo posts — right? Good, because we ate well this weekend. Not as in The Nutritionist Would Have Been Pleased kind of eating well, but as in a full-blown taco night with the kids. The newphews first taste of real White Castles. And Donatos. Twice.
  • Today, I have no fear of a repremand from BBM over the Donatos mention. Because this time, we brought one back for her. In fact, she just left the parking lot with her smuggled pizza. And she looked pleased.
  • And that’s probably all the pizza I need for a while.
  • The kids were great this weekend and last — well behaved for the most part and fun to hang out with. But the best thing was being able to talk with them. Even the 3-year-old is engaging, although she can still be a little shy around Uncle Crappy.
  • It wasn’t all philosophical discussions, though. I played freeze tag and hide-and-go-seek for the first time in years, and the boys and I held two vicious, cutthroat quarter-spinning tournaments. I want a rematch.
  • Unrelated to anything from this weekend: Still no WoyGirl, as of this afternoon, at least. And still no winners in the WoyGirl Arrival Date Pool.
  • Almost unrelated to anything else from this weekend: While we were poking around on Google Streetview to show my folks a couple of the houses we were looking at back here in the burgh, we took a look through Columbus, and I had the bright idea of seeing what the Ohio Stadium pix looked like. I was pleased to find that someone at Google had the good sense of shooting that area on a game day — it’s clearly early, but the parking lots are starting to fill, and the tailgate parties are starting to roll. And then it occurred to me — I wonder if you can see our spot from Cannon Drive?

  • OK. See that red SUV in the center of the screen shot? That’s us, in the lot ridiculously early. And that’s a sign, boys and girls, that it’s just about time to start talking about college football. I’m going to wait until the beginning of August to really let loose, but I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away if I say Uncle Crappy might be a little bit excited about the upcoming season.


  1. She was pleased and will probably be doing an entire post about just how pleased she was (and how big of a dork she was/is/will always be).

    I’m thinking the “crappy” in your name is not all that fitting. If you’re out playing freeze tag, you are borderline fun. Careful you don’t cross that line.


  2. I’d be a bit worried if you didn’t start posting about football –

    Wow – you are the first I know that has actually found themselves on Google Streetview – America looks strangefully empty on most of the shots – I couldn’t tell if they electronically took people out – My house is there – I can tell that they drove by after 8 a.m. on either a Tuesday or Friday morning last October (trash is at curb and pumpkins in front of house) –

    Here’s to the cool invasion of privacy!


  3. BBM: We try to be the fun uncle/aunt, mostly because there’s no hope that we’ll ever be the rich uncle/aunt. And the name has nothing to do with my skills as an uncle, which I think are exceptional; it has more to do with graffiti I found in my college bar years ago — and I’ll explain that in a post I might get around to writing tonight.

    Kewyson: I kind of wish we parked a little closer to the street, so you could see us in action — setting up chairs, mixing bloody marys, diving into the food before anyone else shows up — but on the other hand, I wouldn’t trade our regular space for anything. It’s part of the tradition.


  4. To all of your readers…Uncle Crappy is a FABULOUS Uncle…he’s got a very natural way with the kids that is the perfect combination of fun, rough, silly & engaging. His nephews (and shy neice) adore him. Bravo Brother! (and thanks for all of your help)


  5. It’s like clockwork — a month before football season, and Kristi shows up at Uncle Crappy…

    You and Dan are welcome any time you’re in town for a game.


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